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Aluminum Windows in Tucson, Arizona

As a Tucson resident or business owner looking for new windows, you might be interested in what aluminum windows have to offer. This is just one of many window materials available today, so be sure to learn about all your options before you make your selection.

Open Enclose can help educate you on which materials and styles will work best for the application you have in mind. We provide residential and commercial window installation and replacement throughout the Tucson area.

Read on to discover more about aluminum windows. Then, please call Open Enclose at (520) 485-4546 today to begin your window project in Tucson.

What Are Aluminum Windows?

Aluminum is lightweight, strong, and durable, which is what drew architects to start using this material for windows in buildings as far back as the 1930s.  Railroad cars, streetcars, and buses actually generated the first buzz regarding aluminum’s strength and beauty back in the 1910s. Even as other contemporary window materials have surfaced in recent decades, aluminum continues to be a go-to option, especially for commercial buildings and ultra-modern homes.

Benefits of Installing Aluminum Windows

Even though vinyl windows outpace aluminum as the most popular window material in America, this metal remains an excellent choice for modern applications. Here are the top reasons to consider aluminum windows in your Tucson home or business:

  • Superior strength: Aluminum is the most structurally stable material used to manufacture windows. The metal is three times stronger than vinyl and more than 50 times stronger than wood. The high weight-to-strength ratio permits thinner frame profiles and a broad range of window configurations.
  • Remarkable longevity: While aluminum windows require maintenance to prevent air leaks, the material will never warp or rot, and because this is a non-ferric metal, it will also never rust. Modern anodized, factory-applied finishes will never chip, fade, or chalk the way paint does. Aluminum is also dent-resistant, which helps retain its beauty for years to come.
  • Outstanding economy: Various factors affect the final price of installing aluminum windows, but they tend to be less expensive than other options. Many customers feel they strike the perfect balance between cost and performance.
  • Very few maintenance requirements: In general, all that’s required to maintain aluminum windows is to wipe the frame with a damp cloth, re-caulk any gaps and cracks, and replace hardware as needed. Unlike wood windows, there’s no need to ever sand, paint, or stain aluminum.
  • Attractive appearance: Aluminum is the most modern window material you can choose. If you have a contemporary home or commercial building needing new windows, you can’t go wrong with aluminum. Choose the type you want (extruded or roll-form) along with the color and finish on both the interior and exterior sides. Open Enclose can help you choose the ideal combination of materials, colors, and finishes for your new or replacement windows.
  • Energy efficiency: Some window shoppers erroneously ignore aluminum windows as a possibility because they’re worried about the efficiency ratings. While it’s true that metal conducts heat, modern aluminum windows feature insulated frames, thermal breaks, and double- or triple-pane glass to maximize efficiency in both hot and cold weather.
  • Increased property value: Expect to attract more potential buyers, and maybe even up your asking price, by installing aluminum windows before you sell your home or commercial building.

Aluminum Window Brands

Picking a window brand is just as important as selecting an appropriate material. Open Enclose is the largest Pella dealer in the region, which gives us access to some of the best windows and doors available. Pella manufactures aluminum-clad windows that may be suitable for the application you have in mind.

Other aluminum window brands we install include:

  • Fleetwood
  • Milgard
  • International Window Company (IWC)
  • Arcadia
  • CRL Aluminum
  • And others

Aluminum Window Installation & Replacement in Tucson, AZ

The more you know about aluminum windows, the more you may realize they’re the perfect solution for your Tucson home or business. Trust Open Enclose to show you all your options so you can make a knowledgeable decision you’ll be pleased with for years to come.

For expert advice during your upcoming window project, turn to Open Enclose. You can contact us online or call (520) 485-4546 to schedule a free estimate.

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