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A Guide to French Doors

If you’re looking to let more natural light into your home from your entryway or patio, or if you want the space between two adjoining interior rooms to feel more open, French doors might be the right door installation choice for you.

French doors are made up of a pair of doors paneled with glass. Depending on the design you choose, they can consist of a single pane or multiple panes. French doors often swing open to patios or balconies, or they can be used to create a grand entrance or exit between interior rooms.

What Are the Benefits of Installing French Doors?

Because of the unique way they let in natural light, French doors can add an open feeling to enclosed spaces that other door types can’t. The benefits of French door installation include:

  • Beautiful views of the outdoors from inside
  • More sunshine and warmth, especially in winter
  • Indoor and outdoor spaces bridged effortlessly
  • Interior adjoining rooms expanded when opened (and separated when closed)

Are French Doors Energy-Efficient?

Many homeowners worry that installing French doors will allow cool air to escape their home during the summer and warm air to escape in the winter, increasing utility bills while their HVAC systems run constantly. However, this is no longer an issue. French door frames are constructed to make French doors energy-efficient. There are also advanced glazing options available that allow sunlight in while stabilizing the temperature indoors.

Are French Doors Less Secure or Durable?

Depending on whether you’re installing exterior or interior French doors, they are fortified to protect you in different ways.

Exterior French doors are equipped with weather-proofing elements, and you can adjust opaqueness to meet your needs. Many exterior French doors require a three-point locking system and have double panes for additional security.

Interior French doors can also be paned in opaque glass for privacy, and specialists can install locks that meet your specific needs.

Start Your Custom French Door Project With Open Enclose

For a streamlined French door replacement experience that will bring your unique home aesthetic to life, contact Open Enclose in Tucson, AZ. We handle every step in the French door installation process in-house so that you won’t have to juggle multiple sub-contractors. When you work with us, you receive a lifetime warranty on our products, and we guarantee your 100% satisfaction. If you’re looking for ideas and inspiration, we showcase our past work on our gallery page.

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