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Top-of-the Line Sliding Window Installation in Tucson, AZ

In the world of new or replacement windows, homeowners are somewhat spoiled for choice. In many cases this can be a great thing—more options means more customization. But oftentimes it can leave you feeling lost or frustrated. If you’re a homeowner in the area of Tucson, AZ looking for a unique, attractive window, Open Enclose has good news: Our sliding window services might be just what you need.

Our team of experienced window contractors and product specialists have been proudly serving Pima County and the surrounding areas for years. We feature quality products from trusted manufacturers, a customer-focused approach to our services, and a full satisfaction guarantee.

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What are Sliding Windows?

Anyone familiar with a double-hung window will be able to identify a sliding window quite quickly. Sliding windows are also a sashed window, with the difference being that a sliding window is horizontally oriented. Essentially, a sliding window is a double-hung window set sideways. These windows offer homeowners the option to install beautiful, efficient windows in areas where a standard vertical window may not fit, and with an easy, latch-and-slide operation they’re quite pain-free to use.

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The Benefits of Sliding Windows

Sliding windows have become quite popular as an alternative to more “traditional” window types like double-hung windows, casement windows, or fixed picture windows. In addition to their aesthetic appeal and unique application, slider windows have some distinct benefits:

  • Energy-efficient windows: Modern glazed sliding windows are extremely good at keeping conditioned air in and outdoor air out, which contributes to home comfort and lower energy costs.
  • Easy window function: Sliding windows don’t have to work against any of the parts that offer resistance in a standard window. This makes unlatching them and opening or closing them very easy.
  • Great added natural light source: Sliding windows can fit into areas that traditional windows can’t, making them great for adding natural light to unorthodox rooms, or rooms where there is plenty of horizontal space, but little to no room to fit a vertical window.
  • Simple homeowner maintenance: Sliding windows are large, and are often unhindered by the complex muntins of other windows. This makes keeping the glass clean very simple.
  • Top-notch durability: Because sliding windows don’t require any pulleys, springs, or the other parts commonly found in other window types they require less maintenance. This also means that there are fewer parts to wear out, which translates to a cost-effective, long-lasting window.

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