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5 Common Door Problems: Solved

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We all know how important the doors to our home are. They provide safety and help create our aesthetic. But beyond that, we probably don’t think about our doors very often — until something isn’t working correctly.

At Open Enclose, we know how irritating door issues can be. From squeaky hinges to doors that won’t open, here are five of the most common door problems and what homeowners can do about them.

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Door Problems & Their Solutions

Every door in your home has its own character; sometimes, they develop quirks or challenges. Here are some of the most common door problems and what homeowners can do about them.

Why Is My Door Sticking?

If you have a sticking door, it’s likely the humidity. If you’re trying to open or close your door, but it’s stubbornly resisting like it’s grown roots, the main culprit is usually the humidity, especially in our climate.

Humidity causes the wood in your door to expand, making it stick in the frame more tightly. But sometimes, it’s your house, subtly shifting on its foundation and throwing the door frame out of alignment.

To solve the problem, zero in on the part of the sticking door and sand it down or adjust the hinges. The result? Your door swings open and shut smoothly, with no more drama.

Why Won’t My Door Close All the Way?

If your door won’t close all the way, the problem often lies with the hinges. Over time, hinges can loosen due to regular use and the natural settling of the house, causing the door to hang incorrectly. This misalignment prevents the door from closing smoothly.

Tightening those hinges is a simple but effective solution to fix the problem. Sometimes, it may require more than just tightening, realigning, or even replacing the hinges can be necessary. Remember, ensuring your door closes appropriately is not just about convenience; it’s also a matter of security and energy efficiency for your home.


Why Won’t the Door Stay Latched?

Have a door that won’t stay latched? It’s likely the source of the problem is a misaligned strike plate or a worn latch mechanism. You can find the root cause of the issue with a thorough inspection. Watch to see if the latch fully slides into the strike plate. If it does, then check the latch mechanism.

Once you determine the source of the problem, you can make the necessary adjustments — either realigning the strike plate or replacing the latch.

Why Is My Door Warped?

Doors warp from exposure to harsh sun and varying temperatures. That means our weather in Tucson can take a toll, leaving your door bent out of shape and struggling to perform its function.

When a door becomes warped, it’s often time to replace it so you can have the safety you need. At Open Enclose, we offer a variety of beautiful, sturdy doors that can replace your warped ones, transforming your home’s style and functionality.

Why Is My Door Squeaking?

Dry hinges usually cause a squeaking door. Squeaking doors can quickly become massive irritations. Thankfully, a little lubrication on the hinges is often all it takes to silence the squeak. Make sure to use the correct type of oil or lubricant to keep your door operating quietly.

If the squeak persists, the hinges must be cleaned or replaced. Our team has the know-how to diagnose and fix the issue, ensuring your doors are as silent as a whisper.

Why Choose Open Enclose?

At Open Enclose, we recognize that your doors are more than just entryways. Your doors are vital components of your home’s functionality and security. With our expertise in handling various door issues, we are dedicated to ensuring that every door in your Tucson home operates smoothly and efficiently.

Whether it’s a minor annoyance like a squeak or a more significant concern like a warped door, our team is equipped to provide effective solutions. We’re committed to resolving your issues promptly and effectively, enhancing the comfort and safety of your living spaces. Trust Open Enclose for all your door repair needs — where quality service meets customer satisfaction.

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