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Aluminum Clad Windows in Tucson, AZ

If you need new windows for your Tucson-area home or business, the team at Open Enclose is here to help. We offer our customers a wide selection of aluminum-clad windows from some of today’s top manufacturers. However, we understand that having so many options can be overwhelming. That’s why you should trust the knowledgeable team at Open Enclose to help you select the right windows for your new construction or renovation project. Read on to learn more about aluminum-clad windows to discover if they offer the benefits and features you’re looking for.

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What Are Aluminum-Clad Windows?

While most residential windows are made of vinyl, fiberglass, or wood, the vast majority of commercial windows are aluminum. Of course, aluminum-clad is also a popular choice for both homes and businesses. This type of window is wood on the interior and aluminum on the exterior. This gives you the benefit of aluminum’s strength and weather resistance on the outside with the warmth and beauty of wood on the inside.

Benefits of Aluminum-Clad Windows

You can expect to benefit in several ways if you decide to install aluminum-clad windows in your Tucson home or business:

  • Superior strength: Aluminum is praised for its structural integrity. Because it’s made primarily of metal, aluminum-clad windows have a higher weight to strength ratio than many others on the market. This allows for thinner frame profiles and a large variety of window configurations.
  • Impressive durability: Aluminum will never warp or rot, and because it’s a non-ferric metal, it will also never rust. The anodized, factory-applied finishes available today will never fade, chip, or chalk the way paint can. Aluminum also withstands dents and nicks to retain a beautiful appearance for many years.
  • Surprising affordability: While various factors affect the exact price of aluminum-clad windows, they tend to be more affordable than some other options available today. For many customers, the balance between cost and performance is just right.
  • Minimal maintenance requirements: The aluminum exterior of your clad windows often requires virtually no maintenance to retain its sleek, beautiful appearance. The wood interior may need to be re-stained occasionally, but since it’s not subject to the elements, upkeep here is also minimal.
  • Beautiful aesthetics: You have so many options for customizing your aluminum-clad windows. Choose the type of aluminum (extruded or roll-form), the exterior color and finish, and the interior wood species and stain. Don’t worry if these options seem overwhelming—we’re here to help you choose the perfect combination of materials, colors, and finishes for the new windows in your Tucson home or business.
  • Energy efficient: Some consumers are worried about the efficiency of aluminum windows. After all, metal conducts heat very effectively. However, you can rest assured that modern aluminum windows feature thermal breaks, insulated frames, and double- or triple-pane glass to ensure maximum efficiency.
  • Increased home value: Aluminum-clad windows are highly sought after for all of the benefits highlighted above. If you choose to replace your old windows with aluminum-clad versions before selling your home or commercial building, you can expect to attract buyers and maybe even increase your asking price.

Aluminum-Clad Window Brands

Choosing a window material is an important step, but you must also narrow down which brand to buy.

We install aluminum-clad windows from various other respected brands, including:

  • International Window Company (IWC)
  • Heritage
  • Trulite
  • Origin
  • CRL Aluminum
  • And more

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