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Are Fiberglass Windows Better Than Vinyl?

Replacing your windows can both increase resale value and noticeably improve the aesthetic of your home’s exterior and interior style. With all the options currently available, selecting new windows may seem like a daunting task, but both vinyl and fiberglass windows are well-liked choices for homeowners and builders.

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Fiberglass vs. Vinyl Windows: Pros and Cons


Compared to wood windows, both vinyl and fiberglass are an economical choice, but vinyl windows are less expensive than fiberglass. If cost is your main concern, you should look at available vinyl window styles.

Life Span and Durability

You can expect a good quality vinyl window to last up to 30 years, while fiberglass windows’ life span can stretch past 50 years. The reason for the difference is that fiberglass windows are not subject to sun damage. Vinyl starts to melt at temperatures over 165 degrees, which can cause warping and distortion of the window frame on hot days.

Energy Efficiency

Fiberglass windows are better insulators than vinyl windows. The glass fibers in a fiberglass window frame ensure that the frames won’t expand, contract, or conduct heat or cold.

Noise Insulation

Fiberglass windows are also better sound insulators than vinyl windows. The glass fibers that enable fiberglass windows to insulate against heat and cold also block outside noise from entering your home.

Maintenance Requirements

Fiberglass and vinyl windows are both low-maintenance options and require very little care over time. Vinyl windows are made with color built into the material. As a result, they won’t fade, peel, or need to be repainted. Fiberglass windows are subject to all three of those issues: Their color will eventually fade, peel, and need to be repainted. Vinyl windows tend to warp due to sunlight and will require occasional touch-ups with caulk to prevent air leaks.

Which Style Looks Best for My Home?

Both vinyl and fiberglass offer a variety of window styles and brands to choose from when replacing your home’s windows. Other style considerations include:


  • Vinyl windows have a visible join line at their corners, and fiberglass ones do not.
  • Versatility is a big plus when choosing vinyl windows. Vinyl can be molded into almost any form, which allows for unique window shapes.
  • Due to this flexibility, vinyl windows are a great choice for virtually all home styles and aesthetics.


  • Fiberglass frames are able to mimic the appearance of wood frames.
  • A wider variety of style and color options are available for fiberglass windows, due to the fact that they can be painted.
  • Fiberglass is stronger than vinyl, which means fiberglass windows can have a thinner frame for a low-profile, modern look.
  • Like vinyl windows, fiberglass offers myriad color options and frame styles to suit any home’s architectural style.

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