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Kolbe Windows in Tucson

Open Enclose has teamed up with Kolbe Windows & Doors to grant homeowners access to some of the highest-quality products available. Kolbe is famous for combining cutting-edge window and door technology with affordable prices. With an extensive range of customizable materials, designs, and configurations, you’re sure to find the perfect windows and doors for your Tucson, AZ home or business. Once you make your selection, trust Open Enclose to perform an expert installation for maximum performance and longevity.

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About Kolbe Windows & Doors

In 1946, the Kolbe brothers began repairing windows and building sashes out of their mother’s wash house near Marathon, WI. The company’s commitment to producing premium products dates back over 75 years. To this day, Kolbe remains a US-based, family-owned window and door manufacturer.

Over the years, Kolbe has grown into a nationally recognized leader in the premium window and door industry. As a brand offering innovative products and extensive production capabilities, Kolbe’s superior-quality products can be found in some of the most visionary residences and commercial projects in North America.

Windows from Kolbe

Today’s mainstream windows have limited functionality, performance, and styling—but not Kolbe. Products from this brand go beyond the norm to defy typical limitations. Choose from versatile aesthetic options with strong and durable construction, incredible energy efficiency, and advanced security features.

Kolbe Window Styles

  • Casement windows – crank-out, push-out, or in-swing
  • Double-hung windows – two-sash operation with endless styling options
  • Awning windows – crank-out or push-out
  • Sliding windows – single, double, triple, or quad
  • Specialty windows – corner, direct set, folding, radius, geometric, or tilt-turn
  • Hopper windows – top-ventilating window style

Kolbe Window Materials

  • Wood windows – K-Kron II exterior coating available for added durability
  • Glastra windows – a proprietary hybrid of fiberglass and a UV-stable polymer
  • Aluminum windows – clean lines and stylish functionality
  • Wood-clad windows – extruded aluminum or Glastra exterior, wood interior

For help picking the right Kolbe windows for your needs, please contact Open Enclose.

Doors from Kolbe

Is your outdoor living space just as important to you as the interior? If so, install a patio door that exemplifies this! Kolbe doors come in large sizes, with superior functionality and performance to last a lifetime.

Kolbe Door Styles

  • Sliding doors – traditional functionality available on a grand scale
  • Multi-slide doors – stacking panels, pocket doors, or corner units
  • Hi-finity multi-slide doors – floor-to-ceiling heights and minimal sightlines
  • Lift-and-slide doors – fluidly operating stacking panels or pocket doors
  • Folding doors – 90-degree and custom-angle configurations available
  • Swinging doors – in-swing or out-swing
  • Entrance doors – grand sizes, shapes, and configurations available
  • Pivot doors – in-swing or out-swing
  • Commercial doors – accessible design features for ADA compliance

Kolbe Door Materials

  • Wood doors – historical detailing available
  • Glastra doors – high-performance, fiberglass-like material
  • Aluminum doors – contain a high percentage of recycled content for sustainability
  • Wood-clad doors – extruded aluminum or Glastra exterior, wood interior
  • Fiberglass doors – distinctive texture, color, and panel designs

For more information about the doors available from Kolbe, please call Open Enclose today at (520) 485-4546.

Kolbe Window & Door Installation in Tucson, AZ

In addition to providing our customers with high-quality windows and doors, we also believe in delivering top-notch services. We’re happy to highlight the different products we carry, answer all your questions, and exceed your expectations during the installation process. Rest assured that everything we do is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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