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High-Quality Awning Window Installation in Tucson, AZ

When you want plenty of light in your home but don’t want to sacrifice functionality or security, awning windows are the ideal choice. Whether you’re looking to install new awning windows in your Tucson home, or you need experienced professionals that can provide replacement or repairs, Open Enclose has you covered.

Our local window contractors are experienced and skilled—each member of the team is certified and licensed and has been working with windows of all kinds from all manufacturers for years. With our extensive range of options and services, and with our 100% satisfaction guarantee, we are your one-stop shop for awning window services in Pima County.

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What are Awning Windows?

Awning windows are a crank-operated window type that is quite similar to the more widely known casement window. The difference is that with an awning window, the width of the window is more than the height of the window in terms of measurement, and in the case of an awning window the window will be hinged at the top. This means that when operated, an awning window will open outward from the bottom—when open, an awning window looks, as you might expect, like an awning.

If you’re considering awning window installation for new construction, or as part of a home renovation project, keep in mind that awning windows need outward clearance. This means they aren’t the ideal choice for areas of your home with high traffic just outside!

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The Benefits of Awning Windows

While the placement options for awning windows are somewhat limited in comparison with other types of window, they do carry some very distinct and attractive benefits. The contractors at Open Enclose suggest awning windows for their:

  • Superb ventilation: Because awning windows can open a full 90 degrees outward, they let in plenty of fresh air, making them ideal for homes that need to be well ventilated. This makes them a particularly attractive option here in Tucson, where a fresh breeze is always welcome!
  • Unique look and function: Awning windows are a bit less common than other window types, making them a great choice for homeowners looking for a more unique option.
  • Easy operation: Crank-operated windows require very little effort to open or close. They’re a great choice for areas where normal sash windows would be a pain—especially above sinks or utility spaces, or higher up on the wall.
  • Good source of natural light: Awning windows rarely have pronounced muntins, leaving you with a clear pane of glass that lets in plenty of great light—and one that affords a good view of the outdoors, too.

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As a leading window company that offers top-class window brands like Pella, Open Enclose is the name to know for quality window services, products, and support in the Tucson area of Arizona. Whether you need a window installer, or a professional that can help you pick the perfect windows for your home, we’re always happy to help.

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