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Top-of-the Line Casement Window Installation in Tucson, AZ

There are many different types of window operating styles available today. If you need replacement casement windows for your Tucson, Arizona home, it’s vital to remain informed of your choices so you can make an educated purchase for your home. Casement windows are excellent new construction windows in Tucson, AZ because they are different than what most people add to their homes.

We encourage Tucson homeowners to consider casement windows from Open Enclose. We offer quality casement windows from many of today’s top manufacturers. If you’re uncertain of which brand or design options are best for you, our team of window experts can help you make the right decision.

At Open Enclose we offer:

Contact us to ask about casement window replacement and installation. Installing casement windows as your new construction windows in Catalina Foothills and Tanque Verde, AZ will make your home stand out!

What Are Casement Windows?

Casement windows have a single sash with hinges on either the right or left side. A crank set into the frame is used to open the window vertically along a metal track. Casements are available in one-, two-, three-, four-, or five-lite configurations.

Because they swing outward, it’s important to ensure enough clearance for windows to open all the way when desired. This means trees, bushes, and sidewalks should not be located immediately in front of casement windows.

If you want new construction windows in Tucson and Oro Valley, AZ that everyone compliments when they see them, you have to choose casement windows! Contact Open Enclose to pick the perfect window casement for you!

When to Choose Casement Windows

The sky seems to be the limit when you are adding new construction windows in your Catalina Foothills home. With so many different window operating styles to choose from, how do you know if casements are the right choice? The following benefits should help you understand when to choose casement windows over your other options:

  • Exceptional ventilation: When you want windows that allow plenty of fresh air to enter, casements could be the right choice. They pivot outward to a maximum angle of 90 degrees, enticing cool breezes to waft inside when the wind blows from any direction.
  • Spectacular views: The structural strength of casement windows allows for large panes without rails or meeting sashes to break up the scenery. Likewise, plenty of natural light streams in through large casement windows, especially when multiple lites are arranged side by side.
  • Energy efficiency: If you want windows that contribute to lower energy bills, high-end casement windows are the way to go. These offer one of the lowest air leak rates of any window type, closing firmly to create an air-tight seal between the sash and frame. It’s also possible to customize casement windows with double- or triple-pane glass, low-E coatings, gas-infill, and warm-edge spacers. These advanced features make your new casement windows as energy-efficient as possible.
  • Ease of operation: With the turn of a handle, you can open casement windows a little or a lot, depending on your ventilation needs at the moment. Since you don’t have to put your whole weight behind opening the window, which you must do with sliding or double-hung windows, casements are perfect for behind the kitchen sink, counter, sofa, or other obstructions.
  • Unrivaled home security: Because you must turn a crank on the interior to open a casement window, it’s impossible for an intruder to enter from the outside. For added security, casement windows feature two-, three-, or four-point locking systems, depending on the size of the sash.
  • Effortless cleaning: Many casement windows feature specialized hinges that make it easy to reach your hand around and clean the exterior of the glass from the comfort and safety of your home’s interior.

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Casement Window Brands

New casement windows could be the right choice for your construction or renovation project, and Open Enclose can help you select the perfect option.

We install casement windows from several other window brands, including:

  • Milgard
  • International Window Company (IWC)
  • Arcadia
  • Western
  • Heritage
  • And many others!

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Are you ready to install new windows in your Tucson-area home? Or do you still have questions about casement windows? The experts at Open Enclose have more than a decade of experience helping homeowners make the best window selections for their needs and budget.

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