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Entry, Patio & Interior Door Repair in Tucson, AZ

Your doors play an essential role in the safety, security, and energy efficiency of your Tucson home. If age is starting to take its toll on your doors or one was recently damaged in an unexpected accident, delaying a door repair could expose your home to the elements and potential intruders. Don’t struggle with old or damaged doors when Open Enclose offers quality, affordable door repair in Tucson, Arizona.

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Types of Doors We Repair

What type of door is giving you trouble? We can fix any door in your home! Our Tucson door repair services include:

Our Quick & Reliable Door Repair Services

Wooden entry way door

Our door repair team delivers fast, dependable work for any problems you’re having. Contact our Tucson door repair experts if any of your doors exhibit the following issues:

  • Cracked, chipped, or shattered glass: Perhaps a severe hailstorm broke a window pane on your back door, or a burglar shattered the glass in your patio door to gain entry into your home. Damaged glass makes your Tucson home vulnerable to the elements and future break-ins. Fortunately, Open Enclose is also an expert at window repair so we can replace your chipped or shattered glass with ease.
  • Missing or worn-out door seals: The weatherstripping on your exterior doors is an important part of preventing energy-wasting air leaks. To make your Tucson home more efficient and keep chilly drafts at bay, call on our team to replace the door seals.
  • Damaged door frame: If you have wooden exterior door frames, water can rot away parts of them, and insects and birds can pick away at them. It’s also possible to damage your door frame if you attempt to force a large piece of furniture through the doorway. Whether the Tucson weather or an accident caused the damage you’re looking at now, Open Enclose can perform the door repair you need.
  • Difficulty opening or closing doors: Interior and exterior doors may start sticking for various reasons. A settling foundation may cause the door to fall out of square with the frame. Too much paint around the edges of the door can also cause sticking. In the case of sliding doors, worn-out or poorly adjusted rollers could be the reason the door is hard to open. Regardless of the cause, we can fix your sticking door!
  • Broken door jamb: If someone kicked in your door to gain entry to your home, the door jamb may be splintered, creating a security risk that could result in another break-in. A fast, reliable door repair from Open Enclose in Tucson will restore your door to proper working order. We can even install door frame reinforcers to make it more difficult for an intruder to kick in your door again.

Choose Tucson’s reliable source for door repair of all kinds, call Open Enclose at (520) 485-4546, or contact us online today!

Why Choose Open Enclose for Door Repair in Tucson?

At Open Enclose, we value our customers and take great pride in the work we do. When you hire us to fix your broken door, we take the time to explain your options and go over what the repair will entail. If needed, we can do touchup painting or stucco work on the walls surrounding your newly repaired door to ensure a flawless end product. You’ll come away feeling satisfied with our affordable rates and the long-lasting results of the door repair in your Tucson home.

Here are the characteristics that set us apart from other Tucson door repair companies:

  • We offer upfront pricing for all door repair work before we begin
  • We are locally owned and operated right here in Tucson
  • The repair work is handled by our in-house team, not outside subcontractors
  • We do our best to exceed your expectations with every job we complete

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White, interior French doors

We’re proud to be a trusted door repair company with over a decade of experience serving homes and businesses in the Tucson area. Since we also install windows and doors, we can take care of all your home entry and ventilation needs.

For more information or to schedule an estimate for your door repair in Tucson, please contact Open Enclose today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I repair a broken door hinge myself?

Replacement door hinges can be difficult to source and install. Even if you can track down the right kit, hanging a door can be challenging, particularly if both hinges require replacement. The door will need to be kept steady and perfectly aligned. You’ll also need to assess the wood underneath. If it’s not in good shape, it won’t keep your door stable. With all these considerations, it’s best to leave this work to a professional.

Why is my door letting in a draft?

Drafty doors can wear heavily on your R-value, so they should be proactively addressed. Drafts could be due to failed weatherstripping and weatherproofing. Door sweeps and insulation film are two simple fixes, but if the problem is more substantial than a worn seal or door gasket, you might need a full door replacement.

Why is my door getting stuck?

Jamming is often caused by seized hinges, loose hardware, or sagging frames. Humidity is another common cause, but this doesn’t tend to be an issue in the Tucson area.

Should I repair or replace my door?

Wear and tear can create a legitimate security hazard. If your door has become easy to remove or kick in, a full replacement is recommended. Some problems are easier to resolve, though. Swelling, rusty hinges, and minor damage, for example, can be easily repaired, but major warping or buckling call for a replacement.

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